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6 Dec 2017 tại 9:57 Pizza quality not authentic. No proper crust. Overwhelmed with cheese. Prosciutto and mushrooms horrible quality.
29 Jun 2017 tại 11:01 Love the burrata pizza, a refreshingly non greasy option, when ordering pizza. Cannelloni & tiramisu also delicious. Only downside was delivery as a little later than quoted and I had to call.
12 Apr 2017 tại 15:32 Bravisimo very tasty
5 Apr 2017 tại 10:45 Very good food and presentation. One of the beat italian restaurants in Saigon. The desert apple pie tortabde miele is superb. Great assorment of bread and sesame bread crums provided
23 Jul 2016 tại 9:48 I like the food in Carpaccio. However I ordered a pizza Tonno e Cupola and got a complete different pizza Quattro Stagioni. Sorry this is a NO GO. I gave address details in and get several calls from the delivery boy to check details. WHY?
24 Jun 2016 tại 11:15 I love this restaurant. It is delicious! Unfortunately it loses a lot in delivery which is not really their fault but wanted to share. They gave a 90m wait time then were late due to rain and traffic I'm sure. Marked down quality bc it was not hot
6 Dec 2015 tại 11:46 Ingredients were good and tasty. But price is high for what you get
18 Oct 2015 tại 9:58 Pasta was over cooked. Sauce was bland and not enough sauce for the amount of pasta in the container. This is probably a once off, as usually the other meals from Pomodoro are delicious.
16 Aug 2015 tại 10:19 Food was very tasty especially the risotto ! Packing was also good quality and even though it was raining the food was warm Infact ! Bit expensive I must say and for delivery they can reduce the price as there is no table service .
16 Aug 2015 tại 8:53 I got a very cold pizza..
15 Jun 2015 tại 13:31 Ordered on a Sunday evening. SMS was sent for confirmation. No issue with delivery man, he found the place right away. Good English speaker. Asked to bring as warm as possible in comments : pizza was wrapped in aluminium foil and warm as expected :)
10 Apr 2015 tại 8:32 Food was good. I have to give one less star because the delivery person forgot provide the parma ham for the pizza ordered. He did come back later to drop off though we have already eaten half our food. Otherwise, always reliable.